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Presenting of an Application for Obtaining a Preliminary Consent at Purchase of the Stocks (Shares) of the Economic Entities

Licensing the Appraisal Activity

Licensing the Realtor Activity

Certification of the Court Managers

The List of Documents Required for Divestment (Privatization) of the State-owned Property:

Forms of a Payment Order and Bank Requisites for the Payments to be made for a Purchased State-owned Facility

Explanatory Note: In accordance with the Provisions approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated January 29, No 27 “On Measures Aimed at Further Improvement of the Order of Sales of the State-owned Assets”, the Cash Means received from Privatization shall be accumulated at the Special Bank Account of the State Competition Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Secondary Bank Accounts of its Territorial Bodies.

Forms of a Payment Order with the Bank Requisites of the Territorial Bodies:

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Matnni eshitish uchun quyidagini bosing! GSpeech