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ATTENTION! TO ATTENTION OFF ALL FOREIGN INVESTORS!  LLC "ISHONCH MULK SAVDO" invites to open auction conducted by increasing the starting cost.  The auction will be organized for the sale of building of former Bukhara Palace Hotel, located at Navoiy str., 8, Bukhara, which is currently registered on on the balance sheet of the State Enterprise of Registration and Operation of Properties and Non-residential Premises of the Khokimiyat of Bukhara city.

The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Privatization, Demonopolization and Development of Competition Samarkand Region Territorial Department hereby invites to Exchange Sales of the State-owned Stock Packages present at the Charter Funds of the following Joint-Stock Companies in accordance with the Resolution by the President of the Republic of  Uzbekistan (“On Measures aimed at the Increase of the Share and Significance of the Private Ownership in the Economy” № PP-2340) dated on April 28, 2015  

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Matnni eshitish uchun quyidagini bosing! GSpeech