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A significant legal base has been created to date in the Republic of Uzbekistan with regard to the denationalization, privatization, and attraction of foreign investments. The law "On denationalization and privatization" sets out the basis for the transformation of the state ownership. Laws "On foreign investments" and "On guarantees and measures of protection of the rights of foreign investors" establish "framework conditions" with regard to the guaranteeing of rights and the granting of privileges and incentives to foreign investors.

With the implementation of consistent structural reforms directed at the formation of a multi-structured economy, conditions and the environment in which enterprises and other economic entities function are being transformed, new market relations are being established.Within the "framework conditions" created by the legislation, the Government is elaborating and implementing measures to improve the investment climate and to attract foreign investors to the process denationalizing and privatizing of enterprises.These measures include adopting new legislative documents, making amendments and additions to the current norm and using flexible approaches in transforming the ownership of state-owned enterprises.

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Matnni eshitish uchun quyidagini bosing! GSpeech