• higher education – Economics, Finances, Law (Economic Law, Economic Process, Financial Law). Master degree being desirable;
  • work experience in the Industrial Sectors or Management Bodies for not less than three-five years;
  • possession of Constang Residence Registration in Tashkent City.


1. Head of the Antimonopoly Regulation Department

2. Head of Department for Control over Observance of the Legislation on the Natural Monopolies

3. Head of Department for Development of Competitive Environment and Prevention of Unfair Competition

4. Head of the Logistics’ Affairs Department

5. Deputy Head of Department for Liquidation of the Bankrupt Enterprises and Control over the Activity of the Court Managers and the Enterprises functioning in Mode of the External Management

6. Head of Division for Financial Rehabilitation of the Economically Unsustainable Enterprises

7. Head of Department for Financial-Economical Analysis of the Status of the Low-profit and Unprofitable




The Applicants shall have by them the following documents:

  • CV;
  • Passport;
  • Military Card;
  • Certificate on Higher Education;
  • Work Record Card;
  • Health Cerificate (desirable).

Order of Acceptance

  • See the Provisions on Arrangement of Work with Personnel within the system of the State Competition Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Appendix No1 to  the Order of the SCC No 88 k-LC dated May 22, 2006)
  • Heads of the Departments are appointed on the competitive basis with getting the issue agreed with the Office of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • All workers are appointed with the 3 months’ trial period.


  • Please apply to the following address:city of Tashkent, 55, Uzbekistanskiy Avenue,
  • Contact Phones:259-20-40, 259-22-82
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