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biznes daily

  • Address: 100003, Republic of Uzbekistan, city of Tashkent, 55, Uzbekistanskiy Avenue
  • Phone:(998-71) 259-21-96
  • Fax: (998-71) 259-83-79 
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Internet-site: biznes-daily.uz
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Khodjimatov Bekzod Kholmirzayevich Director General (998-71) 259-21-96


  Scope of activity:


  •       Publishing the information of economical character. Analyzing the tendencies affecting the process of economic reforms. Promptly informing the readers on significant events occurring in various economic branches.
  •       Analytics, political journalism, criticism, interviews – being the main genre with the use of which the reporters and other authors report on the present-day reality in the country in Uzbek and Russian.
  • On the newspaper pages rubrics such as “Panorama”, “Expert Examination”, “Finances”, “Securities Market” and other have been placed.
  •         Along with that at the “Birja News” Supplement the complete information on sales’ results taken place at all republican Exchanges, lists of the State-owned shares and facilities being placed onto the sales, Invitations to participate in various Auction Sales, news from the Securities Market and other kind of information is being published.
  •      “The Shareholder” Supplement publishes, in the centralized order, the Substantial Facts subject to compulsory disclosure by all Joint- Stock Companies of the country in the order established by the legislation. Also at this Enclosure various information and articles useful for shareholders is being published.
  •      “Dosug (leisure-time) Birja” Supplement has started functioning, at which materials of cognitive and entertaining character are being published; didactic stories, scan words, aphorisms, anecdotes etc.

     Besides that, projects on preparation of the number of other Supplements are in process of elaboration.

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Matnni eshitish uchun quyidagini bosing! GSpeech